Hard Start After Oil Change

Mine never starts after oil change either but that is because I also clean the air filter with soap and water before putting on the filter oil..

I figure it is the residual water on the air filter that is the problem, because when i let it dry out for a couple of hours it starts right up fine..

Not to be Mr. Obvious here...I would never install a filter that has any residual of water on it. You need to completely let it dry and oil it thouroughly before re-installing. Buy an extra filter and have it ready to go & oiled in a plastic ziplock bag - to avoid having to wait for the dirty one to dry.

Changing the Oil should have no effect on starting the bike. I usually go about a year between plug changes and only change the plug as a preventative maintenance measure. I could see with the weather getting colder in most areas, starting/plug fouling problems will increase due to the wrong jetting for the temp.

Try a 165 main jet with your pipe. and two full turns out on your fuel mix screw

and leave the stock needle but on the 3rd clip.

thats what i run with my 04 Yz 450 at about 1700 feet. my home town( santa clarita ca.

you can find your local riding spots elevation online . the site is pda and cell phone compatable so if you are out somewhere you can check your elevation online if you dont have GPS. http://wunderground.com for elevation look up. just put in the name of the city or zip code.

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