My BRP @ Unabikers Now!

I delivered my BRP to Unabiker's shop over the weekend and we walked through a couple of things.

He has some ideas and I gave him some of mine.

Once he has completed prototyping I will update you with photos.

He does great work.

Well, it's done, Unabiker now carries Rad-Guards for the XR650R -- and the fit and finish is perfect!

It took them some time to get it right, yet perfection is worth the wait.:applause:

Since they used my bike for prototyping, I got the first set :bonk: .

Also the prototyping was done with an Acerbis 6 gal and the stock tank. Fits great with both tanks.

Keep an eye out on their site for photos...









I have two sets in the mail to me now :applause:

How much are they?

Do you have their website?

I think they were ~$115 without anodizing, $130 with or something like that. Then again, if they save one radiator, they've paid themselves off. :applause:

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