Mending from ACL reconstruction!

It has been roughly three and half months since I have even sat on my bike since my surgery. It felt wonderful to start up the thumper and putt around in the back yard!

This whole summer was a bust for me, can't wait until later this fall and next year so I can go out and ride again. Guess I'll be a little wiser this time around and ride within my limits.

I have seen every movie made to date and soap operas are terrible, don't know what I would have done without TT, looked at the site every day!


I'm in the same boat Fourstroker. It's been since May 5th injury and Aug. 1st surgery for me. I am hoping that the Doc will let me ride again in Dec. but it all depends on the rehab. After 1 month I'm starting to get some strength and flex back. I also gained about 20lbs sitting around so I'll be starting on a diet and working out next week.

I never want to go through this again, I've never have been so bored! Even getting a bad attitude at work!

I blew my ACL by just hitting my foot in a corner, no crash, no "I shouldn't have done that" just BAM and my knee is trashed.

Well, enough whining, I'm gonna go out and spin the motor over and stroke the suspension a few times. Gotta keep it ready.

One good thing is that riding here in AZ sucks in the summer so I'm glad it didn't happen in Nov. Only missed out in the usual Colorado trips and some really HOT days at the track.

Hope you heal up soon! When is your surgeon saying you can ride again?


'00 YZ426F


After blowing out my ankle on a landing and being off work for a month, I found out one thing - crutches are more dangerous than racing! I had more crashes, endos, and near misses on those things than I ever did on a bike. With all the time off the bike, the first time back will be that much better, just don't make it too soon. Goodluck! Tip for long-term couch pilots: Tired of dragging your butt off the couch and hobbling over to the frig every time you want something to eat/drink? Just dump everything in a cooler and drag it back next to the couch. Good for several hours of Ohpra and Jerry Springer! Now just got to figure out that bathroom thing. Adult diapers maybe.... :)

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