GYT-R AIS Removal Kit

Thanks....I just purchased the AIS Kit, JD jet kit, and fuel screw from TT. Also ordered the exhaust insert from Pro Moto. Ill take the bike out stock this Saturday for my first ride. Cant wait till my parts come in to open her up.

I just purchased an 06 WR450. Yamaha is back ordered and Ive read threw the pages of TT that the Yamaha kit also come with the YZ throttle stop and detailed instructions. I'm really intrested in the detailed instructions! How do you rate the TT AIS Kit?

I got the GYTR kit the other day. Not really detailed instructions, just some black & white photos and a little text.

Kit was easy to install, haven't been able to ride the bike on the trails yet, but was able to do a few laps around my parking garage. It does seem like the backfiring has decreased.


In your Yamaha AIS kit did the instructions also list all of the other free mods? Ive read through other threads of TT which said the other free mods were listed. I'm hoping they will be in the TT Kit, if not a quick search through this kick ass site will fix that.

Have you done your jets yet? I'm in So Cal, my elevations about 1000 ft above sea level. Ill do 90% of my riding in Riverside / San Berdo counties where its between 1000-4000 ft. Plz let me know if your area is similar and what works for you.


The instructions did show you how to do the other mods. I disconnected the grey wire at the same time I put on the AIS removal kit. It showed me how to do that, but honestly, you're better off going to for all the instructions you'll need.

I ride SoCal deserts and mountains. Regarding jetting, don't need to worry about it, I have an Edelbrock carb on the bike now. Best thing I've ever done to a dirt bike. YZ throttle stop, re-jetting for different elevations...... things of the past for me.


Tell me more about your edelbrock carb. How much did it cost? Did you do the install yourself? How easy was it to dial in? Thanks in advanced!

I got the GYTR kit the other day. Not really detailed instructions, just some black & white photos and a little text.

The Yamaha GYTR kit is on back order until mid January at best. Might as well order the TT kit. I followed the instructions in the FAQ for the throttle stop screw. The actual work is a little different form the site for the 2006 WR450F, it involves removing an additional screw and the throttle stop was actually longer than the site stated. The shop I bought the bike from told me they have seen guys completely remove the throttle stop screw and that the length of the final screw does not have to be perfect.

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