Dyno testing WR450 2005


Finally went to dyno with my bike to get jetting right for winter to come.

Yamaha WR450

Twinair airfilter and gage

Akropovitch slip-on

Main jet: #168

Needle: DUS-K

Fuel screw: 1 3/4 open

Slow jet: #52


39KW at 8300 rpm

50Nm at 6880 rpm

Disconnected gray wire from CDI

40Kw at 8300 rpm

51Nm at 6880 rpm

Then tested slip-on with noise damper (96Db), only noticeable change was that with noise-damper it had bit more power and torque below 6000 rpm.

Timo Mc

For all us non-Euros out there: :applause:

Kw x 1.341 = HP

Nm x .7376 = Ft Lb (torque)


39Kw = 52.3 HP

50Nm = 36.88 Ft. Lb.

Wow 52.3 Hp with a trail bike!!! Thats insane

Peak HP at 8300 RPM - somehow I thought it would peak at a higher RPM.


it is over 39 Kw from 7300 to 9200 rpm

Timo Mc

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