Oil Capacity Question on 2006 450f

The owners manual has confused me, probably because I am easily confused. It states qty for periodic oil changes to be 1.15L, and with oil filter replacement 1.25L. However, it then states a total amount of 1.40L.

My question is........ If I drain everything, including oil filter housing, do I put 1.4L back in? If not, please elaborate and educate this 2-stroker convert.

BTW, I love the bike. It's absolutely awesome.

Thanks in advance for your input.

My book (page 3-16) says periodc is 1.00 quart. With oil filter replacement 1.06 quarts (just a table spoon more). And total 1.27 quarts (Complete tear down). So to answer your question a periodic oil change, with a filter change or not, only needs 1.00 quart.

You can't "drain everything". It won't all come out, no matter what you do. Only on the initial build will the engine use the full amount listed. The thing to do is to put in just short of the minmum, then start the engine, run it for about a minute to scavenge the cases, then check the oil level on the dipstick. Add as required, run it again to movethe added oil to the oil reservoir, and check it again. Once you arrive at the correct amount, note how much you used, so you can put the same in next time.

Also note that there is a different oil level when cold than there is when up to operating temperature. And clean or replace the filter with every oil change.

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