Whats requiered to put a bike that is still in the crate together?

I should be getting my 06 450 this week sometime. It is still in the crate from the dealer. What will I need to do to put it together? Will I have to add brake fluid, and bleed the lines? Can anyone tell me what I can expect and how much time it may take?

Also... This is my first fourstroke... what oil filter should I get, do I need to check the valves after brake in? What oil should I run, coolant? I assume the bike has no fluids in it.

Thanks much.

Not much, really. I do a complete tear down so, if it were me, I'd load it in my truck with the front wheel on - you usually only have to assemble the front wheel and bars... and I would haul it home to completely go through it....

The bike will have all the fluids the only thing u will need to do is assemble the front end. But i have heard that certain dealers will not let the bike out of there hands without the front end attached. If i was u i would let them do it without a torque wrench and the right socket its a real guessing game. if u are to do it yourself it should take u 1 hour to put it all together take ur time and read the manual its ur best friend

as far as oil goes do a search and u will find more than enough topic already posted no need to check the valves (its not a Honda) i use engine ice coolant in my bike i find it helps alot but thats only my opinion

the brakes will b ready to go also no need to do anything but break them in and enjoy ur new ride its a beast i got mine 2 weeks ago but its sitting in my garage looking at the snow fall

get a scotts oil filter and nvr buy another filter again

hope this help

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