Needles in stock ANYWHERE?

what a joke that one of the most important things people do to their new machines is jet for riding location and altitude yet NOT ONE yamaha dealer within a 50 mile radius (or further I dunno) has a single needle in stock and most of them that I talked to dont stock ANY air jets, &%$#@! is the deal with that? now I have to wait till sometime next week to get any if I order them......where do you guys buy yours?

Sudco is closest to you(CA)so i'd check with them first.

Thanks Tennesee T

I have looked at these 2 sites and not been able to locate "our"(WR426) carb on either of these 2 websites, what am I supposed to look for?

I guess I can call Sudco tomorrow since they are about 30 minutes from here, would be WAY COOL if they had the parts instock I am looking for like:

#100 PAJ

#48 Pilot

#168 Main and

EKN Needle

Think its at all possible?


The FCR is primarily a street bike carb. Look under the Street link on the Carb Parts page, and the FCR diagram on the Sudco page.

I’ve had great luck with Sudco, everybody there is real helpful, and on occasion I’ve gotten some EXTREMELY knowledgeable folks on the phone, but more importantly never the class of idiot commonly encountered on the other side of the local parts counter.

Also, you should try NCY, 800-225-1629, maybe there is some kind of market-wide FCR needle shortage or something, but they have just about everything in stock, if not they are happy to relay when/where/how long type of info.

Finally, there are a few optional PNs for the 250f that may also fit the bill, so check the fiche on that bike and see if one of those wont work.

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