No new Needle, will this work?

In my other post I stated that I cannot get a new (James Dean suggested) needle, but I can find the #48 and #168 jets but cannot get the #100 air jet without ordering.

This considered should I replace the Main with the #168 and the Pilot with the new #48 and NOT replace the needle or the #100 air jet?, I have done all the free mods except the BK and YZ timing, and now experience a surging at constant throttle and what seems like a flat spot in the mid (1/4 to 3/4 throttle) this seemed a little more noticible after I did the grey wire mod this afternoon....any hints at all fellas?



If you are changing from the D series needle to an E series needle. Just order everything and wait. My reasons, the E series uses a much smaller main, so once you finally get the new needle you will have to rejet anyway. Do it once and do it right and you won't have any problem. Unless the needle gets back ordered (highly likely) then it should come in about 2-3 days. I know an eternity on the day before a 3 day weekend.

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