wr front wheel on yz

I have got hold of a wr426 year 2002 front wheel which I wanted to use on my year 2000 yz426.

I thought I could use the spacers from the yz but oh no the gear unit assembly on the wr wheel is in the way. I can't take this off as this holds the bearing.

I have had a look on the yamaha website under the parts catalogue and it looks like the wr426 doesn't use a spacer on that side of the wheel. Maybe it uses a different size wheel axle.

I guess I could get the hubs swapped but that seems like a lot of work.

Does anybody know what I could do so that I can use this wheel.

You will have to get a wr speedo pick up. It replaces the spacer that your yz has. It uses the same axle. I did this on my yzf. I got a great deal on a set of wheels off a wr and luckily the guy was parting the whole bike out and he gave me the speedo pick up with the wheels. I haven't looked in to a piece that gets rid of the speedo pick up but I know that someone makes one for the xr650 so it may be possible that they do it for the wr.

barnum pro makes a replacement for thr odo drive,and someone else too,just can't remember :applause:

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