Gray Wire Free Mod for '05 WR450F

I was wondering that because I will be using my bike for mostly on-road riding (see the Thread "Lets say half Supermoto)..... I can hear the boo's already........... should I even bother with the gray wire mod?

Do I really want YZ timing if I am on the street and occasionally gone for long highway rides to visit outta town friends? :applause:

Let me know what ya think :ride:


I don't think this si a issue on bikes sold outside of the US. Might er wrong and I use mine arond town as well!!!!!


I was at the dyno on monday and tested the difference with and without gray wire. Only difference was bit over horsepower on top, thats all.

Timo Mc

Actually my bike came from and all.


I cut the grey wire and trimmed my throttle stop to yz length on my 05' WR450 and noticed a big difference. Before I did the mod the bike felt like a slug. I ride long distances sometime and it runs great.

Actually my bike came from and all.


That's nothing to be proud of...................

Just get a vortex ignition. Plug and play baby!


Cut it. No need for a toggle switch.

The grey wire retards the timing by some 30 degrees above 6000rpm.

It makes a difference.

YZ cam, you may or may not want it. I would, and felt NO loss of power in the bottom end. If anything, it smoothed out some of the dead spots in the powerband... it's now a very smooth, solid application of power from any RPM.

Sorry..... didnt know caring about the environment wasn't somthing to be proud of. :applause:

I think they are all green sticker legal sold in the US. Anyway most of us remove all the stuff that makes it Green sticker legal.

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