1st valve adjustment?

I have around 500 miles on my XR650 now and am wondering if I need to adjust my valves. I think its recommended but 500 miles seems kinda early to me. Have others found theirs to be out of spec at the 500 mile mark?

The service manual calls for an inspection of the valve clearence every 600 miles. It doesn't mean they need to be adjusted every interval.

It is very easy to do being a screw and nut assembly (not a shim bucket). I check every 500-600 miles and usually find one or two valves at outer limit of spec range. It's just good maintenance practice.

Are we talking R or L here, "L" maintenance schedules calls for an inspection(and adjustment if needed) at 600miles, and then 4000 miles, 8000 miles, not every 500 or 600 miles hope this helps, don't know about the "R".

it is an R thanks for the tips

Check the valves. They probably need adjustment. Mine did :applause:

Just do it.. It's not a big job and you need to get familiar anyway.. :applause:

Ok, don't mean to sound like a newbee but are there any special tools needed?

Just feeler gauges.

I think there was a website on one of the previous posts,you should be able to do a search. Think it was off-road.com.I did mine after 3K(a bit much) the tech said they were a little tight. Since then I learned how to do it , so I try to check em every 6 or 7 hundred miles. I like to use the ratcheted box wrench, angled screw driver and angled feeler guages, you'll develop your own style.

better check em.

better check em.



Know this topics been dead for awhile, but I got a couple of questions that came up just after doing my first valve adjustment. i have an 06 XR650L, 9800k miles. Just did a valve check 35miles ago. It seemed to me that the exhaust were tight, so i loosened them up. I have to say that compared to the intake they took a bit more work to get a good reading and even then im not sure that I did. When sliding the feeler gauge out I know you want a SLIGHT DRAG of the gauge, so i guess one question is, how slight exactly? With those exhaust valves the angle i had the gauge, it was contacting on the valve cover seat too, maybe causing extra interference? The intakes were pretty close to spec but i did adjust all 4.

After taking a 30 mile ride, i checked my oil, to my surprise, it was smoking out the dipstick hole, and watery consistency, i mean dipping off the dipstick, just like water. Looked like i just cooked the engine from that ride. The oil level was raised about 3/8 inch above level,(level checked out fine after doing oil change 55 miles ago), i figured due to overheating and expansion. Checked the level again next day, right back down to the upper fill line. Should also mention i did daves carb mods w/ UNI filter, de baffle exhaust, rejet 55/158 abuot 100-120 miles ago. Everything seemed good after the jetting, no runnign issues, no oil issues, and when i did oil change nothing seemed awry, so im strongly leaning towards the culprit being a shitty valve adjustment on my part, as it was the first one i did on the BRP. Even though adjusting these valves shuold be easy, please, someone help me out with what i did wrong, and anything else i should do, recheck before i get her runnign again. Thanks

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