Cost of installing a trailer hitch?

What is the average cost of installing a trailer hitch on a car? (including parts and labor)

Depends on car and type of hitch.

I went to and saved a bunch for both of my cars, a SUV and a sedan. Each car was under $200 with wiring harnesses and shipping. I did install myself.

My last car I took to an independent garage and it was around $350.

Just to give you an idea I bought a class III hitch for my 2000 Jeep Cherokee through JC Whitney. Price for the hitch plus shipping was around $300 and then when I got it I installed it my self it just bolts on. it was easy never had a problem with it in all the years I have had it. you will have to buy a hitch recever with a ball on it seperately but those are only $25 at the most.

What is the average cost of installing a trailer hitch on a car? (including parts and labor)

Here in the Hurricane State........about $175. $125 for the Class III

hitch and $50 for the labor.

drive up to va and I'll do it for $100 plus the hitch for you lol. Seriously I forgot how much they were going to charge to install it for me but the hitch was around $120 it came with the ball mount all I had to buy was the ball. This was a class 1 for my Accord. My truck came with one on it. I installed it myself and it wasn't that hard. I had to enlarge 2 of the holes and the hardest part was fishing the bolts through the frame. Wasn't hard at all just too a little time I'd say it might have taken us 1-2 hours if that and would be a lot faster the next time.

fishing the bolts through the frame

I sure know what your talking about on that one. :applause:

I sure know what your talking about on that one. :applause:

Have had to fish bolts on some hitch installs I've done, and it sucks!! We found a way in our shop to make this easier - if you have a mig welder you can attach "fishing wire" to the end of the bolt. Thread a nut onto the bolt and put bolt head in vice. Hold ground clamp to bolt and start wire welding to other end. When weld puddle starts, pull ground off bolt and let go of trigger. Now the wire should be attached to the end of the bolt and you can make the wire as long as you need by just pressing the trigger and feeding more wire. Its a little tricky, but once you get it it sure is handy! :bonk:

Oh yeah don't forget to remove the nut(this helps remove the weld spatter)

I think U-Haul does them for $150?

Buy it online and do it yourself... I just did my civic about 3 weeks ago and it was easy... took about 40 minutes... took a while to widen the access holes but other than that it was pretty simple... bolt on and go...

Cost for everything mounted, delivered and installed... $153... that includes shipping, taxes, parts and wiring for lights on trailer.

Do you have to modify the bumper any?

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