06 WR450 12VDC Accessory Plug

Has anyone installed a 12 Volt cigarette lighter plug on the bike??

I got my GPS and a small 2-way radio that I would like to power from 12VDC.


Marco Polo :applause:

I haven't done that, but sounds like a great idea. My GPS sucks down the batteries.

There is way too much vibration on a dirt bike to get a reliable connection with a cig lighter plug. There is a BMW style lighter plug that looks to make a more positive connection but I haven't tried one. I just change all my stuff (gps, etc) over to a standard 2 pin SAE connector (the little black rubber ones like they use on battery tenders, cars, etc).

Hi Marco.

I did this on my ZX-6R. I had mixed success with it because the electrical suppression on bikes is not anywhere near as good generally as that in cars.

This may be better on the WR because quite often it's the brushgear in the alternator that cause a lot of problems with EMI noise in addition to the HT ignition circuit. A magneto is contactless in that respect so may be a lot better, just make sure you get the output from the rectifier and not the AC supply from the magneto. You may also need to ensure you've got a resistive spark plug fitted too.

I did cure the problems on the ZX eventually by routing the wiring away from ignition sources, using an aftermarket suppression circuit and placing a ferrite core on the GPS lead.

I shall eventually do this on my WR so I wish you luck.

All the best



Just put two wires going from battery + and - to the handlebar and put fuse on +. No biggie. I just put Xenon lights on mine in the same manner.

Timo Mc


That's exactly what I was thinking just ran the fused power leads directly from the batery to the handlebars with a snaping type connector.

My next thing is the number plate bag to put the radio in and the helmet headset with a handlebar PTT.

Do you have photo with your Xenon lights??? Do you turn night into day hihihi???


Marco Polo

These guys make the best stuff I've found for electrical outlets on bikes. I've used them on all my street bikes to power electric vests, radar detectors and GPS units. Never had any issues whatsoever...SC

that is fantastic, is that a one-off job? or is that setup available retail?

I put a 12V cig outlet on my '04 for my GPS. I just bought a weatherproof power socket at the auto parts store. I ran a wire direct from the battery, with an in-line fuse. You can ground the negative side to the frame somewhere--I used one of the bolts that hold the metal brackets the front headlight assembly mounts to.

When it is not in use, the outlet has a spring loaded, hinged lid that flips down over the opening to seal out water and dust. I have had my power plug bounce out going over large whoops, but a simple rubber band looped over the plug to exert a small amount of downward pressure holds it in with no problems.

Going direct to the battery is good because your GPS doesn't shut off when you turn off the bike. :applause::bonk:


Going to build another one for my little bro, when he just shows up to do the cutting etc :applause:

Timo Mc

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