Gas tank crossover tube

Hi, all;

I have an aftermarket larger-capacity tank on my XR - those of you who know the tanks, know that they are asymmetrical. Anyone work out a crossover tube so that you draw from the low side without going on to reserve?



Kinda tricky to drill and tap a plastic tank for a crossover tube without creating at least a potential future leak.. There are several ways a guy could do it but I would recommend to just stop and lean it over.. :applause:

It's going to be tough with an aftermarket tank, IMO. Typically the side that the petcock originally resides on is higher than the alternate side. Therefore if you were to put another shut-off on the opposite side the gas would have to go up against gravity then connect to the original line and into the carb. Much easier to lean it over as mtrhd101 has stated.

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