YZ125 Desert Bike

My son rides a 02 yz125. He doesn't motocross, but on a rare occasion takes it to the tracks. Mainly, he rides desert and longer rides with guys on their 4 strokes. That is the type of riding he prefers, but loves having the power and weight of his 2 stroke.

He is of interested in making the YZ a "desert bike". Anyone suggestions out there of what he should plan on doing and buying? Anyone do this to their bikes?

I am 15 and ride a yz85 in an off road Harescramble series and we have pretty much converted it to an off road version of the yz85. Here is a list of the off road oriented mods:

CYCRA wrap around hand guards

FMF "Rev" Pipe (for the desert)

IMS desert tank

SCOTTS or GPR Steering Stabilizer

Works Connection Frame Guards and Radiator Braces.

Disc & Caliper guards

Trail Tech Computer (not necessecary but cool for off road)

baja designs head light (optional)

heavier flywheel (probally not necessary for desert)

then for the bling:

black or blue excel rims

wave rotors

Ims shifter

clutch and cid/ignition cover anodized blue

ims foot pegs

aluminum gas cap

and a sick off road accesory:

IMS or CLARKE quick fill system

In my opnion the most worth it items on this list are the CYCRA's, desert tank, the steering stabalizer, and the works connection frame guards and radiator braces oh yea and a gripper seat cover is always helpful!

MY advice start with the things listed in the paragraph above this then go to the other things if you want

(In this entire list i think the best bang for the buck is the CYCRA Hand guards)

hope this helps


How about some PICs yz440e?!

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