WR250f or WR426

This is a question that me and my buddies have been arguing since the introduction of the 250f, which is better the WR250 or the WR426 for an all around do everthing kind of dirt bike? Some of them say that the 250f makes not much less power than the 426 and the 18 pounds less in weight is a huge diference. The others say that the 250f just doesn't make enough power (especialy if considering dual sporting)and that the 18 pounds is negligable.

Does anyone out there have an opinion on this subject that will help me and my buds get to the bottom of this.


Yes, we all do! It's really hard to answer this one without sounding cliche'. Bottom line. The 250 is lighter and more flickable but the 426 has more umpth! My riding buddie is 5'9 and weighs 160 lbs. He prefers the WR250 over the bigger and heavier 400/426's. However, some bigger riders like it also. For me, I prefer more power since I am more likely to use that than be flicking anything! As far as dual-sporting goes. In my opinion, all dual-sport bikes suck as street bikes. Its just a way to get from trail to trail legally when you have to ride on a road to get to the next trail. And, adding all that street legal crap to an otherwise great dirt bike seems sacreligious to me. But, it all depends on where you want to ride and what you are willing to put up with to do it. I realize now that this probably didn't help much. Just my .02 cents. P

hey, look which forum you're on....The big WR gets a litlle heavy, but if your "buds" throw in the bucks, you can buy one and find out.

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