Anyone had a inguinal hernia? recovery time after surgery?

Went to the doctor today after a few weeks of abdominal and testicular pain and my fears were confirmed. I have a minor hernia and I was told it should be repaired. I was referred to a surgeon and should be seeing him within the next week or so. Well at least it happened during the winter months. How long was your recovery time if you had surgery?

I've never had one but know people that have. Typically 2-3 weeks of discomfort and then back to normal.

How did you get your hernia? Where you lifting or anything? I kinda have the same thing going on with a very dull aching in lower right abdomen and right teste. Not totally uncomfortable but not sure yet. Haven't gone to the doc yet. Does that sound familiar to you?

Those are the exact symptoms I have. I had a pain in my abdomen about 1-2 inches below my bellybutton and to the left about 1-2 inches for about a month and a half. I pretty much just blew it off as a strained muscle but about 2 weeks ago my left teste began to hurt as well. I now have a constant discomfort, not bad, just lets me know it is there. I really do not know how it happened. The doc says anything from coughing, lifting, pushing to hard for a bowel movement can cause it. Sometimes it is a small defect from birth, a weak spot so to say.

I just recently had mine operated on left side. It's where your nuts drop trough when your a baby and the muscles don't fully close around it! Felt like someone had hooked my nut and was pulling on it while having sex :bonk:

Really no big deal 2-3" scar right in the pueb-line wire-screen inside! Couple of weeks and you'll be fine! :applause:

I had those exact symptoms also. Mine came and went though, months at a time. It would only bother me for a couple of hours too. I'd go to take a leak and hit the "wak bag" the wrong way and it would kill. The doctor chalked it up to being something like.."epididymitis", pretty sure that's it. Very similar symptoms to an inguinal hernia. I had the abdominal flank pain and scrotal soreness...(THIS IS A WEIRD TOPIC). All other symptoms associated with epididymitis were not present though...

hi. i had my inguinal surgery in april, april 6th to be exact, i was riding on april 26th. probably shouldnt have but i did. it hurt a little and i was not able to ride as fast as i normally do.

couple weeks and youll be fine.


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I had both sides done at the same time in '96, after 3 weeks felt good enough to ride, after 6 weeks, good as new, no problems since.

Cool, good to know. That should put my recovery right about the time the new bike get in.

I've had 3 of them. 2 as an adult. No big deal except when you cough in the first few days! :applause:

I had a double one (one on each side) fixed laproscopically about 5 years ago.

I was riding again in about 4 weeks.

After my two week checkup they told me I was free to do whatever I wanted, but pain wise I could not ride yet.

The laproscopic surgery does not cut any muscles so the recovery is quicker than traditional surgery.

I had one a while back - LI. You need to take it easy for a few days, and then you are back to being able to do normal day to day stuff. You should not do anything that stresses your abdominal muscles for two weeks after. Once they give you the go ahead, you can ease back into normal activities - your body will let you know if you are doing too much.

Get well soon.


Anybody know what happens if you don't get this fixed?

Right huevo ache off and on for a month or so-I have a Dr. phobia- :applause:

Seen 3 people go in for elective surgery's-they're not around anymore-never came outta the hospital.

It really only hurt's after I've been humpin heavy shit around. Anyone lived thru this kinda thing without seeing the hacknslash? Is there any alternative to surgery?

I know a few who have wussed out and not have it done. It will end up tearing the muscle and your intestine can bulge out through the tear and you will have a lump under the skin. The smaller ones are the ones to be worried about from what I hear. The intestine can go through the hole and get stuck pinching off blood supply and killing the intestine which can cause a really bad infection and even kill you.

I go and seed the surgeon on the 9th so we will see what happens from there. Thanks for the input and well wishes.

If it does push through, just push it back in. It is true that is can cut off blood supply to the intestines. If you develop cramping/gas/diarrhea/constipation...get to the ER.

I went for several years with my second one(no insurance). I just pushed it back in when it came through to make it hurt less. I was glad when I got it fixed though.

Is there a way to strenghthen the region in question-say to prevent this or reduce risk?

And say, once there is tenderness there-would it be ill advised to try and strengthen the area?

Is there a way to strenghthen the region in question-say to prevent this or reduce risk?

And say, once there is tenderness there-would it be ill advised to try and strengthen the area?

My surgeon said that muscle strength has little effect on prevention. On my 3rd hernia, which was a re-repair of number 2, the surgeon put in a mesh to make it stronger. So far, so good. That was 15 years ago.

Got the surgery done today. Actually ended up having two hernias and had them both chainlinked in. I am freaking sore and really dreading the first dump.

Try not to laugh too much!

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