WR 426 with a Zip Ty tank? U got one?

I'm considering changing my Clarke tank for a Zip Ty tank because I recently rode WR with a YZ tank and I loved the seating position. Unfortunately, my Clarke climbs a pretty steep angle toward the bars and does not offer such a flat position. I have never seen a ZIp Ty tank on a 426 and I'm wondering how they fit and how flat they are. So...if anyone has an opinion :bonk: and more importantly a picture they could send or post...well that would be just swell. :applause:

You can PM me for an email address if you have some pics. Thank again. Maybe a shout from those who have owned both!


Does nobody have one ( Zip-ty tank) or does nobody have a picture or is everyone waiting for someone else to respond? I'll try the YZ forum!

Sorry I didn't read your thread earlier, I've got a picture or two.... PM Sent

I want pics too. Either of you have them handy? Thanks. :thumbsup:

to the top.

Check out my garage!

Wow! Woof-ugly IMHO, but def functional. :thumbsup: I'm getting one el natural just like yours.

Hint - Zip Ty has a bunch of tanks off their race bikes that can be had for less than $225. Only reason I know is that they ran out of new stock and offered me one. Dunno how much $ yet.

Thanks. :thumbsup:

I was able to grab a used Ty Davis Signature Series tank for $75. Apparently the sig series is the BEST because of its slim shape, low center of gravity etc. IMS changed the design slightly when they went to do Zip Ty production tanks because the sig series was too hard to remove from the mold. These are the last of the best as Ty Davis is only, and justifiably, producing tanks etc for the newer models.

Only PROB is that they only have dry break tanks available so you have to get a dry break to screw top adapter from Acerbis for $65....and they are on back order until early May 06. So...not as simple as one would like, but it seems like the way to go to me. The tanks are supposed to be in like-new condition. :thumbsup:

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