New bike in the stable!

I just bought a 2003 YZ 125 this evening. I wanted a two stroke just for kicks, but nothing can replace my WR! I bought it for $1710, so it was too good to pass up for an 03!

Sounds like a good deal. :applause:

I have thought about a second bike, but then I wonder when I would ride it. I just love my WR too much, I always want to ride it. Like sometimes a buddy wants to ride my bike, or I may want to try someone elses, but after just a minute I want my sweetheart back. So, when and where are you gonna ride your little bike. Oh, and congrats by the way. Sounds like a sweet deal. :applause:

I bought a 01 Husky TE 570 as a second bike to have when friends come to town and eventually to move back to my home State so when I travel up there to visit I have a bike for my old fav biking locations!

I will ride it during the winter at an indoor MX track in MI. Also at the outdoor tracks when my friends can't join me up north. The biggest reason I bought it was because I want to make my WR street legal, and I really don't want my turn signals flashing "left turn" while railing around a right turned berm! We'll see how it goes. I may still sell her come spring. I know I will at least get my money back.

Cool. Good plan. I wouldnt mind getting a TTR 125 and hopping it up... My buddy did and he loves to play on it.

blacknblue, i love my wifes ttr230

i did two laps of our track on my 99 400 then three or four on ttr and it really is top fun. wr is an animal and requires effort to hold yourself on, whereas 230 you just hold flat, change gears and it doesnt beat you up whoo hoo.

cant hold wheelie in 5th though

cattman 2 stroke is good for tension release, have fun

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