Report on WR426 jetting (comments welcome)

I picked up my second 02' WR426 a few weeks back and its been sittin in the garage until I could find time to go through it. Currently Pops excessively and wont idle until hot.

Related Mod Summary:

-YZ Timed/03' 450 cam

-grey wire/throttle stop

-Stock Exhaust/not baffle

-Stock jetting

So, I cracked the carb tonight and everything was stock as I suspected. 165MJ, 42PJ, 200MAJ, 65PAJ, needle clip on 4. I up'd the main to a 170 and the pilot to a 45. The float was slightly off so I richened that as well. Airbox still had the snorkel and lid so I tossed them both. Pipe was gutted so I stuck the ProMoto baffle in. Its more changes at one time than I like but this bike needs it. Plus, with such a large MAJ I should be able to get away with that large of main. We'll see. I'll be on the dirt in the morning testing it out.

I'll report back :applause:

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