Graphic Kits for 99 WR400

Does anyone know where I can go to get a selection of different types of graphic kits for my late model bike WR. There is plenty of places that have kits for the newer WR450's but I can only find 2 or 3 styles for my bike in which I am not to crazy about. Would like to find something a little unique that didn't cost a small fortune to have custom made. I am thinking that there are some company's out there that I cannot find threw the internet that can take care of my need.

I figure if no one knows anything like this from this web site then it doesn't exist and I can stop wasting my time looking. Thanks in advance for anything you throw my way.

Have you tried the TT store?

You will have to do a little trimming using a 426 graphics kit.

This may open up more graphics for you.

I have been doing this on my 99 WRF.

Hi Have you found any graphics ??? I also have a wr 400 and cant find any complete kits.


I got some Cycra graphics for my 99 WR400 a couple weeks ago from a local shop here in Columbus. They were originally made for Barry Hawks bike (thats what I was told). Supposedly that year his bike had an IMS tank on it, so the tank graphics didn't match up, but the shrouds did and look fine. They're made from thickest vinyl I've ever dealt with. The bike looks fine without the tank stickers too. I can see if he has anymore sets if you like. PM me if you want me to check. -Jerry

They are out there you have to look for them

Ceet makes a line called APEX, Designed for "older" machines.

I just ordered a set but there on backorder.


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