yamaha 2004 450 four stroke

How much do you think you can sell a 2004 yz 450f for in So Cal? It's all stock and looks like it hasnt been riddent too much. All in excellent working order. :applause:

no less than 3500

no more than 4200 but its stock. so probably around 3800 thats what i bought mine for. with 12 hours on the motor.

I would go a penny below $4k on mine. If I couldn't get that out of it I'd keep it.

Of course I ride like a big puss e and the bike still looks almost brand new, not to mention that even with the easy riding I still do every other ride oil changes. I maintain it really well.

<<<<<<<<<<<<---------- got a killer deal then . bone stock minus graphics. and missing rear plastic(17 bucks from dealer) and a crappy rear kenda tire. and no bar pad super super super clean with 12 hours on the motor for $3800 like 6 months ago. retired the 250 and loving the 450.

since then put about 2500 into it.

new dunlops

One Ind. Graphic kit

pro taper top clamp and contour bars, new spyder grips

Works eleite perch with shorty ASV lever

ASV brake lever


new rear eibach spring and gold valve kit(and rebuilt the shock)much nicer now and doesnt bottom out.

FMF titanium factory 4 exhaust and mega bomb headder


works glide plate

shorty kick start lever( in transit)

Soon to do the decompression plug mod. i hear its a life saver.

( damn i wish i had 5th gear) you 06 bastards are lucky.

Now if i can just get some blk hubs and blk talon wheels.

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