Best non-DOT Dual Sport Tires

I ride by 650R on the street just to get to my riding area. Unfortunately I have to ride 12 miles up a steep asphault road to get to dirt. The stock tire lasted me about 400 miles and it's bald. I have considered the Pirelli 21's and the Trakmaster DOT tires but I don't want to sacrifice dirt grip for street driveability. I mostly ride hardpack and sometimes go out to the desert (jawbone canyon/Dove spring in CA). Any recommendation for a Durable off road tire, am I better off just going with a aggressive DOT? How about the Maxxis IT that I have read so many good things about?

Also what size tire works best, I was thinking of going a little bigger like a 120/100x18 for the rear?

Maxxis IT's are pretty good. They are as durable as the DOT's, cheap, and the knob spacing is comparable to a DOT for pavement traction. Just respect the fact that it is not designed for the road so it has it's limitations.(No supermoto routines) :applause:

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