xr650r dynoed today

Had the xr650r dynoed today at HM racing in the UK.

59.53@ the wheel

what mods have you done?

full Ackropovic

11.1 Piston

stage 1 cam

Mikuni TM40 carb

Head ported by myself.

holes in air box.

and a prayer

Tks...good info

@ what RPM?

Go back on another day and get 60. I bet with the perfect humidity you'd crack it....or less air filter oil.

It was at 7,200 rpm

I have similar mods to my XR650L, minus a full pipe

Wiseco 10.25 piston

Hotcams stage one cam

Head ported and polished

Three angle valve job

Mikuni flat slide carb

Yoshimura can

Uni pod filter

wonder what mine would pull ? what is the difference HP wise stock for the XR650L vs. XR650R ?

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