Worth rebuilding XL 600 RF wiring harness?

I am currently rebuilding a low mileage 1985 Honda XL 600RF as a supermoto and it was running fine but has sat garaged for 7 years.

Before I reassemble it and find there might be an electrical problem would it be worth taking the electrical harness to a motorcycle electrician to test and possibly rebuild - or even just rebuild as preventative maintenance as it's 21 years old and cables deteriorate?

I'm not an electrician so can anybody advise me about what I should do and whether it's a waste of money having the wiring harness checked or even rebuilt as a precaution?



Perth, Western Australia.

Id try it first. The harness on the 83 XR500 a guy gave me was a mess but still worked fine. Since I got the bike running I cleaned up the harness with new connectors and things. Get the thing partially assembled and just check it all before you final assemble the bike. The harness comes off in a couple minutes.

Try it first, we are talking about Honda, not General Motors!

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