Airbox differences WR -YZF

Hi all, i'm a little confused as to the differences between the airboxes on the WR's and the YZF's for years 03 onwards?

let me try and explain a little bit better what i'm intending to do....

I currently have an 02 WR426F and am in the process of swapping over the plastics/tank/seat/rear subframe etc to an 03-05 and i also intend to add a battery. so far i am up to date with what i have to do to fit the latter stuff (altered tank mounts/rear master cylinder) but am unsure as to the airbox? i know from checking the yamaha oem specs, the WR's from 03 (coz of the inclusion of a battery/electric starter) are slightly different to the YZ's, as they have a tray where the battery sits but i am not sure that there are any other differences and was wondering if i could use my existing filter mounts/rubber carb inlet boot etc, so that i could keep the costs down. From what i have read, the YZ250F and 450F boxes are the same but no good if i want a battery tray? I priced up a full WR450F 03 airbox today from my nearest dealer and they want a whopping £176 :bonk: so if i am intending to add a battery it looks like i will have to grin and bare the cost, unless one of you guys knows of an alternative place where i could get one, even 2nd hand would do me, as i'd gladly pay shipping charges etc to the U.K. i have tried ebay but i guess not many people are parting out WR's, lots of YZ's but no such luck on later WR bits?

Anyone have any ideas where i could get a complete WR 03-05 airbox, even a U.S. oem stockist would be cheaper than what i am expected to pay here in the U.K..

or have any of you guys done to your 02 WR what i'm intending to do, maybe you've successfully added a battery by another method?

cheers guys :applause:

forget about the battery pull off the starter and kick it! saves lots of weight and money too. i'm not sure about an 02 intake crossing over to 03 but 03-05's the yz filter and mount that holds it to the airbox will not work on a wr as it is larger and hits the bottom of the battery tray. the rubber intake itself(carb to box) fits both yz and wr on the 03-05. hope that helped :applause: i have a 04 wr filter assmbly w/twinair filter if you need it for your new box(if you have to buy one)

Contact Satch0922 he did it to his old YZ, doubt he put a battery in it though.

ok thanks guys, it looks as though i'll have to purchase the whole WR 03 airbox assembly if i want to add a battery to my WR 02? question is.... do i really need a battery so i have "constant" power for my lights/indicators etc or do i just get an 03 onwards yz250/450 airbox to mount to my new AC Racing yz subframe that's on it's way, then i don't need to worry about having to alter the left number plate so it'll fit, that is, if i opt for the WR airbox? hmmm? i would really like to have proper power to my lights though rather than be dependant upon revs?

What about ordering from a U.S oem dealer? surely that'll be cheaper than what i've been quoted here in the U.K? by the time i add a battery and rectifier to the complete 03 WR airbox assembly, it'll be over £220!!!!! :bonk:

any of you guys give me a link to a U.S dealer?

by the way mountainman, it's an 02 WR, no electric starter... wish it did, it'd save my leg a helluva lot. I ride it as a street-tard you see and kickin her over every 5 mins does my leg in, but a Hotcam will ease the pain when it's fitted... :applause:

thanks again chaps anyway

i was confused ,i thought you were trying to put 02 stuff on a 03+. why do you want to put a battery on it then???? the only time i could see that helping is if your bike died at night;carry a torch :bonk: and if you really must there are smaller batteries that could handle lighting and probly be fitted without changing too much :applause: thumpertalk sells oem parts

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