Difference on plastics from 99 YZ400-2000 YZ426?

I was wondering what the diffetrence was in the body of the 1999 YZ 400 and the 2000 YZ 426? The reason I'm asking is I want the One Industries Hurricane kit for my 99 YZ400 and the oldest they have is for a 2000 YZ 426, does anyone know for sure if the parts are interchangable? A quick search here says yes but the dealer called One Industries and they said no? My only real concern is that the radiator shrowds and gas tanks are the same, I don't mind having to drill new holes or modify a fender a little bit to make them fit.


It wont be perfect, but it'll fit pretty close. Couple main differences were the chassis...the backbone is shorter by 5mm on the 00'. The motor obviously, some other stuff too, but the kit should fit.

Thanks Shawn.

I was just looking at the OE part numbers for both years on the Yamaha of Troy site, the gas tank and the rear fenders have the same part numbers but the front fender and radiator shrouds have different part numbers? I think I'm just going to order it and give it a try, the tank being the same was my biggest worry :applause:

There are 2 differences in the 400 vs the 426 plastics.

The front fenders are different, but bolt up without issue. Same with the rear fender and mud flap.

side number plates are the same.


Radiator shrouds. THe 426 uses a forward facing bolt for the lower mount on the radiator. The 400 is like straight in.

Front number plate. The 426 has a vertical bolt, the 400 uses the horizontal through the numberplate bolt.

I did the same thing to my 400.. The front fender will fit but does not fit flush with the front number plate.. There's a gap between the top of the front fender and the bottom of the plate.. I didn't mind it too much. The rear fender and side panels work fine.. The shrouds do not work, I tried. The two mounts on the shrouds work fine but the radiator one will not work.. I ended up buying some white 400 shrouds and putting the graphics on this. It looked fine. And yeah, the front number plate does not fit at all unless you custom drill and thread something.

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