OK, anyone with experiance with either Trail Tech or ICO computers... :applause:

Good, bads,most rugged, any opinions ....

I've had both,ICO is by far the best,tough too. Trail tech has nice fuctions but not that durable, had four fail, on street use only[sM 650R]

My dad has one on his 450 for mileage and hours ridden. It works ok the trails no problem.

Trailtech is decent for the price. It's a step above a bicycle computer. I've had mine for 3 years w/ 0 problems doing some heavy duty offroad. The ICO is top of the line, but you pay for what you get. The new VR Rally has backlighting and can be hardwired to a 12V source.

my 2 cents

I've had my TrailTech Endurance for two years without any problems.

I have had the TrailTech Endurance computer installed on my "R" for 2,000+ miles without any problems. I have heard that the older TrailTech computers had problems and couldn't handle the vibration, but TrailTech did warranty them. But it all depends on what you are using the computer for. I use my "R" for dual sport rides and trail riding, so the Endurance works well. I was really happy with the overall fit and finish of the unit. I modified the OEM odometer bracket to mount the head unit. I also have an ICO ProComp, which I use on my 250R for Enduros, but it is a little expensive for dual sport riding. ICO does make a dual sport computer that retails for $119. But you have to bump the head unit buttons to scroll through the displays, taking your hands off of the bars. It might be possible to wire up a thumb switch for an additional $50 bucks. For the price the endurance is nice and it gives you all of the necessary information that you would need for a dual sport ride or trail riding on one screen. My 03 cents...

I've owned a number of Trail Techs and they've worked fine for me, but I've also taken very good care of them. They're a light duty unit compared to an ICO and they're break easier, won't withstand water as well, don't have true enduro functions like ICO, etc. For what we needed, the Trail Tech's worked great for the couple years we owned them and Trail Tech's customer service was very good the one time I used them. If you need a true Enduro computer, then pay the money and get the ICO.

I've since switched to Acewell computers as of several months ago and they're working out very well for us so far. Acewell has a number of different units available and Electrosport is official importer / distributor for this product. In fact, Electrosport is the maker of the factory Honda dual sport kits for the Euro Honda's and the Factory Euro Honda's now come with a slightly different version of this same same computer. Our bikes have Electrosport d/s kits and this computer simply plugs right into the harness, but they're easy to connect to a stock bike. Later next year Electrosport will carry this computer with temperature monitoring capabilities so you can monitor oil / coolant temps as well :applause:. Here's a picture and link to this computer at Electrosport. I forget what the price is, but $120'ish or so comes to mind.

Trailtech 2 years and going strong.. :applause:

I use the Veypor. It has everything and is backlight all the time and runs off the power of the bike. No Batteries.

I have the Tailtech Lynx. It has a thumb operated remote, wires into a 12v source for the backlight and a magnesium case. Haven't had any problems.

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