What do you think of my rebuilt 99?


Bike looks trick!Wild lookin frame guards.

A lot better than mine!

Bike looks great:

Whered u get those frameguards from?? which manufacturer? Thanks!

Thought you guys might notice that.

Actually they're GYTR guards. I covered them with 3m black grip tape, found it a marine store.

Mr T

Flowers....sheeeesh, you can see where his priorities lye! :)

The swingarm graphics are Factory Effects.

As far as the bottom end goes. I bought it new and have been diligent about maintanence, and have no problems at all with the engine. I am however keeping a close eye on the rings.

If I was planning on keeping my bike for awhile longer I think I'd add acouple more goodies;

1. All blue plastic

2. Blue Excels

3. Gold nipples

4. Black spokes

5. Gold Talon hubs.


Ride hard and get put away wet...

Mr T

What kind of swingarm stickers are those?

Looks great! I recently re-built my '99 also as I bought used. Did you have to redo the bottom end? I was very unlucky with mine however as there was some broken off chuncks of metal that I beleive came from some poorly made bearings.

Anyhow good luck, nice job!

That WR is TIGHT!!! It looks like a new bike.


2000 YZ426F

2001 CR500R

Thanks, it saved me from having to buy a new bike :)

Mr T

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