What is that little tube on the bottom of the frame?

On my '03, their is a little tube that is maybe 1/2" wide. It comes from the very top of the motor, and when I am idleing, it blows out air. I only noticed it today, because today is the first time I ever rode my bike in flip flops. (stupid I know but it was just around the yard) So, it is on the left side of the bike, and it just blows air and idle. Although, when the revs go higher, it decreases, but it is still there. Anybody know what this is???

its the breather tube for the motor,as the piston moves up and down it displaces the air in the crankcase . thats why it huffs and puffs

make sure you check it frequently to ensure the end is not clogged with mud or dirt. The bike needs to breathe.

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