650 Dominator to XR600 carbie swap


The blokes at Honda told me that a NX 650 Dominator carbie would be a good swap for my XR630 and would give the bike more torque and that the jetting is usually very close? Has anybody done this type of mod? I can get a Dominator carbie for around $100 from a wrecker.

Try a 650R carb.I had it on my 600 (bored to 660) and it worked great,the Domi CV carb is slower in respons.The Mikuni TM40 is even better. :applause:

I've used a 38mm TM series Mikuni carb on a stock XR6 and it gave quicker throttle response, easier starting when flooded and was easy to changeover. You can still buy the complete kit which includes everything you need eg cable, throttle, carb adaptor and spare jets through ballards in N.S.W for about $420 or so.

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