WR 426 Dual Sportable?

I've got the Dual Sport bug. Is the WR 426 a viable option or will it running it on the street lead to an early death for my trusty 01? I have no idea how many Dual Sport miles could be expected from a properly maintained WR 426.

One option I'm considering is getting an XR 650 and converting it to a Dual Sport, do y'all think this would be the better option?

Also, where can I find the best deal on a Dual Sport Kit for either application? The only site I've found so far is Baja Designs and it appears to be a good kit, any thoughts on these?


I have an 01' 426 dual sported. 2.8 gal. per 100-110 miles. It is great running around town on. It is a little lite if I am on the highway, the drafts and wind really push me around and I am 230 lbs myself. If you are going to do more highway speeds then I would probably opt for a heavier bike, if it is more of a runaround, short jaunts etc... I would dual the 426.

i'm not sure on the laws in texas, but here in utah it was not neccassary to buy an expensive ds kit... the needed requirements here are headlight, taillight, brake light, rearview and horn... I purchased this kit on ebay and I am totally sold... very clean easy to install and great quality...... :applause:


I am not affiliated with this prouduct in any way... just purchased one and I am sharing my experience with it....

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