Valve adjustment worries

Doing my first valve adjustment on my recently purchased 95 XR600R. I have referred to the Haynes manual, the shop Honda manual, as well as some instructions I found on-line. Although they are basically the dame each one adds a little more insight.

Here's my questions. All sorces state that I'll know that I'm on the compression stroke because there will be a little play on the left exhaust and intake rockers. The Haynes also states that if I'm not sure I can put my thumb over the spark plug hole and feel the compression build. I have rotated the engine at least a dozen times (counter-clockwise) and there was absolutely no play in the rocker arms on either intake or exhaust cycles. There's no human on earth who's thumb will reach the sprark plug hole so I got a finger as close as possible. I can feel air being expelled but it seems to be on both cycles and I had to make a bit of a guess that there was more on the one cycle than the other.

I made the valve adjustment but was supprised that I had to back out all the adjustment screws so much. Porbably a couple of turns on each screw!


How can I be really sure I'm on the compression stroke?? Is there someway I can see the intake valve opening on the intake cycle just to be sure?

Has anyone ever made an adjustment and had to make this much of an adjustment?? I guess I have no idea if the previous owner had ever touched them.

Are the any tell-tale signs (such as engine pinging) to tell me the valves are really out of whack??

I'm sure this is really basic stuff to some of you (boring in other words). Thanks for any advice and assistance.

Craig :applause::bonk:

hi. on my 86 you line up the "T" mark then check the valves for any jiggle if not rotate 360 deg.

Take both valve covers off. Put the bike in 4th gear while on a work stand. Remove the spark plug. Rotate the rear wheel forward and watch the rocker arms. When the exhaust arms come up (exhaust valves closing), the intake arms will start to depress (intake valves opening). Keep slowly rotating the rear wheel forward. When the intake valves just close, take a coat hanger that yopu've straightened or a long slender screw driver and carefully put it down the spark plug hole. Now very slowly and holding the wire or screw driver so it does not bind in the hole, rotate the rear wheel forward. You'll watch the wire or screw driver come out of the hole as the piston comes up to TDC (top dead center). When the start to go back down, you've passed TDC and the piston is now on its way down and the exhaust valves are about to open. Stop. Back the engine up using the rear wheel until the piston is at TDC by watching your wire or screw driver. When it is at TDC, adjust the valves. I'm not sure what the deal is with an automatic decomp release on the XR600 may be. On XR650R's you can't back up - the auto release will be engaged and the right side exhaust valve will be tight. Do not loosen it! You'll end up backing it out 0.050"++ and it will then be way loose. Any way, that is how to find TDC without marks, etc. Good luck and don't force anything.

Sounds like you adjusted on the wrong stroke.

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