YZ 450 Neutral Safety switch ????

SO do dirtbikes have a neutral safety switch?

I changed my skid plate tonight, went to take my bike for a quick ride around the block (going riding in the morning) and i get on start it up in neutral warm up a bit pull in the clutch, .. put in gear and the bike shut off. . .

I started it again . . . put it in gear and it shut off again.. so im looking around looing around for wires that go into the gear box..

I know that street bikes have a safety switch that wont alow you to go into gear with the side stand down. soon as you put it in gear it will shut off.

so im lookin lookin and dont see anything..

so i take the skid plate off. and start it up and it doesnt shut off this time.. what the hell is going on. so i bolt the skid plate back on, start it up , put in gear and it stays running....... IM clueless..

anyone want to tackle this one.

The function of the neutral switch on the YZF is twofold. First, it sets the rev limit to 7000 or so instead of 11,500. Next, it changes the timing map to make the bike easier to start. Otherwise, it can be (and has been) disconnected without affecting the way the bike runs in any way, other than starting and idling in neutral. If you were to short this lead, the result would be that the CDI would think you were always in neutral, and your bike would hit the rev limit just about the time it started to pull really well, but it would run nevertheless.

Your problem may have been just one of the clutch plates sticking together, and the removal and reinstallation of the skid plate only a coincidence.

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