04 WR450 Problems

Hi, I just needed some help and hope somebody could come to my rescue. I've got an 04 WR450 with mods done to it. I was riding it yesterday and everything ran fine, today I went to start it and it was a little flooded, so I held the throttle wide open and it started. Well I let it sit for a few and its idling with the choke on, and after probably 3 mins, I go and shut the choke of and the bike dies. It wont start, and now I'm not getting any spark, and the red light on the on/off switch isn't working. Has anybody experienced that before? And if so, what do you think the problem is.

Heres what done to the bike.

2004 WR450

Electric Start Removed-and all involved components

Yosh Pipe.

Uni Air Filter.

Gray Wire.

Boysen Quick Shot.


Thats about it.

I've been riding it fine for the past year and then all of the sudden just nothing.

I've tested for spark, and nothing.

I tested the stator, it has continuity, the switches- on/off, kill, clutch switch are all funtional.

Does anybody have any help for me? I would greatly appreciate any insight into what I need to do to find out the problem or go about fixing it.

Thank you in advance for any help you may have. :applause:

I'm guessing you checked for spark with a new spark plug and not the old plug?

I actually check with a spark tester, two different ones at that. And the red light on the on/off switch insn't lighting up like it used to when I kicked it over.

I don't have a WR, but if a light doesn't work that did work......It almost sounds like a fuse? Do WR's have fuses?

I'm not a mechanic, but it sounds a little weird that a gas issue (flooding) would end up causing an electrical issue (no spark).

sounds like a fuse problem to me, unrelated to the flooding issue.

Letting it idle with the choke on for 3 min, maybe youv'e carboned up the plug.

The ig light seems like an unrelated fuse or elect short.

Check all of the connectors under the tank- If the red light is not working- the switch could be shorting- also check your battery. when I did the grey wire mod, The connector was loose enough to run, but when it got warmed up, it would not re start. And if I did happen to get it started warm, it ran like crap.

That has happend to me, it is the fuse in the fuse box by the battery I bet.

I don't have the battery on the bike anymore, nor do I have the starter relay. That stuff hasn't been on the bike for the past year.

I had a very similar problem but i have an 05 either way there is a fuse box and 3 or 4 fuses.I can almost promis you that thats ur problem please email me for more info

The only fuse I knew that was on the bike was the starter realy fuse and that isn't on it anymore. Is there any other fuses that would be on there?

It might be the Neutral / Clutch switch, I think the red light on the ignition switch is interlocked........ but how do you get a red light with no battery?

Its only when I kick it, the light comes on during the kick.

That is normal if you removed the e-start and battery! The red light cant light up without power from the stator! :applause:

Allso the key switch's are known to crap them selfs after awhile

Did you remove the regulator/rectifier when the battery and relay was removed?

I have read in a different post, that you can fry this component if you don't have a capacitor in place of the battery.

This happened to my 05’ WR450 just after I picked it up from the dealer. It started fine for the dealer prep but they could not get it started to ride around to load up. It ended up being a pushed connector pin under the seat next to the battery causing intermittent connection. Hope this helps.

Did you remove the regulator/rectifier when the battery and relay was removed?

I have read in a different post, that you can fry this component if you don't have a capacitor in place of the battery.

No the regulator rectifier is still in place.

I think the neutral switch is bad, will that make the bike not start?

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