Backfiring Upon Starting, Flames Coming Out Of Pipe!!!

Thought About Riding My 1987 Xr6 At 40f Degree Weather. As Usual It Was A Bear To Start. After 5-8 Kicks Or So It Starts To Sputter, Then Backfires Loudly With Flames Coming Out Of The Exhaust Tip!!! It Will Not Idle For Long, Then Dies. I Tied To Re-start It With The Same Results. Backfiring With Flames Coming Out Of The Muffler Tip. It Was Runnin Fine Last Week. Just Gone Through The Carbs, Fresh Gas, Valves Adjusted 6 Mos Ago. All My Neighbors Are Up In Arms Already... I Need Help! Thanks!

its flooded,hold decompresion and crank it several times probly 10 at least with the throttle wide open also and choke off

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