Wow today was the first day I tried wheeling my 01 wr. I could wheelie forever. Ive never been able to do it before. I beat my old record by at least 200 yards. This bike rules. If only I get the low speed jetting 100%

What is your technique for doing wheelies.

I just can't seem to get the hang of it.

Hey Funktree,

I read your other post regarding jetting. I have a 2000 WR 400 and live in Sacramento. Similar conditions to Chico. In fact I was just up at Riverfront Park today. Had a blast. Anyway, I've tried a few differnt jetting combinations (180 main, 50 pilot)good for wide open racing, but not for the slow, torque-driven trail riding I like to do. In any case I've settle down with a 175 main, a 45 pilot, and the screw out 1 and a half turns. The bike rips! The only other mod I have other than the stop cut is a T-4 Pro circuit pipe. I can weelie all day long. I usually lug the bike a bit in third and then crack it open and ride through forth and fifth gears with no clutch. It feels good blowing by my friend's Honda xr 400 on my back wheel. Good luck with the jetting.


I was at riverfront today too. Im about to yank my hair out on this jetting stuff. Im not convinced its a jetting problem. It has cruise control at low speed. I rode through the pits in second gear with my hands on my lap. I dont have any pilots bigger than 45. but 42 with fuel screw all the way in up to 45 3 turns out still had same problem. I tried putting the airbox lid back on. didnt help either. float height 8mm right on the money. throttle has free play. when I let off going into a corner my bike is still somewhat on the throttle. It only comes back to idle if i pull in the clutch for a minute. the bike rips on acceleration though its only when I let off that I have problems. I wish there was someone around here I could just pay to dial the damn thing. Ive had my carb off about 20 times in the last few days.

As for the wheelie thing just lean back and gas it. This bike wants to wheelie

jetjejtjejtjet. talk to the local pros, they already did all the work.

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