Exhaust gasket '86 XL600R


Just found out that the two copper Exhaust gaskets from my XL600R are missing. Since I don't have the old one's I don't know the dimensions to order new ones. Can't find anything in the Haynes or the Web.

Does anybody know the dimensions (Outer Dia x Inner dia x Thickness)

Thanks in advance


go to www.bikebandit.com and type in XR 600R year 1987 on.

Didn't Realize You're In Holland. Can't Help You Much With The Diameter. But They Are Shared By Other Bikes Such As Honda Cb's, Xr's, Xl's, Etc... Not Much Help There Either. Huh?

first place I would go for those gaskets is a Honda Dealer ... no dealers where you live ??

Thnx for reply. They sure got a lot of parts, but is XR only not XL. (Altough gasket probably is the same)Thing is, I live in Holland and if I order in US delivery will be 3-4 weeks.


Make sure they really are missing because these don't just fall out. It may be that what you are seeing is infact gasket. I allways have had to use a screw driver and a hamer and tap them around to get them to budge.

Good gesture, I'll check.

Just replaced those gaskets last weekend on my 84 XL600. I got them from www.mrcycles.com, and they have an online fiche. I thought mine were missing too, but actually they were there, but compressed way down. I had to pry them out. If they are there, make sure you don't score the gasket surface when you pry them out. :applause:

In a pinch you could probably find copper crush rings at your local hardware store.

I've done it this way in the past.

Thnx, OldThumperlovers site led to a Part No (18291-216-000) which (through Google.com) led to dim's.

(40 x 32 x 4).

Thanx Guys for the help.


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