Improved torque?

I was having a conversation the other day about horsepower mods for the XR650R and it got me thinking: are there specific modifications that will significantly INCREASE the bottom end torque of the XR650R?

All I can really think of is a big bore kit or lowering the gearing which would obviously not increase torque output from the engine but would increase torque multiplication. From what I understand there are a few slip-on pipes that might improve torque across the entire powerband.

Any other ideas? Dyno proven?

most pipes tend to increase the mid, and upper rpm ranges ... very seldom hear of anyone looking for more low-end torque on these thumpers, hard enough to stay on one as it is ...

The only pipe I've read that added some bottom end grunt was the White Bros. E-series...

Going to a high compression piston will give you more torque.

My xr650r with Hotcam stage 1, Mikuni TM40 Full Ackrpovic and 11.1 piston, with ported head makes 47 footpounds of torque

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