Headlight protection

I, need second opinion, about protecting the head light on my WR.

Protecting it how ?

Timo Mc

i had the same dilema so rather than buy a protective plastic cover (that would crack) i chose to cut some 5mm 3m self adhesive clear sticker. this works great and has saved my headlight but best of all it does not require cleaning between the glass lens /protective sticker!!

What Tony said!

I use a rock guard I bought at a 4x4 shop. Here's what it looks like:



It's not mounted right now so I just used some safety wire to hold it on for the second picture. Normally, the guard is mounted using zip ties through those holes in the headlight shroud surrounding the headlight opening.

That's what I was thiking about doing my self, with all the rocks here in Washington.

I used a piece of 1/8" thick polycarbonate that I cut to the size of the glass. Then I went and got the little white velcro adhesive patches and put 1 in each corner of the bulb and the mating piece on the plastic.

Worked great and it was really nice to be able to remove it and clean the bulb and plastic.

Take it all off and put a number plate on :applause: , when you go to sell the bike you'll have a brand new head light assembly.

I did, and then also got an Acerbis DHH, when I need lights I use that instead, weighs less than 1/2 of the stock light, bulbs are extremely cheap and the thing mounts up in about 5 minutes total. Good lights for the money too!

Hey Rich, you could cook some steak on that baby when you stop for lunch!

Hey Rich, you could cook some steak on that baby when you stop for lunch!

That made me chuckle. Then again, I'm drunk right now!

I have seen people use old lenses from their goggles.

I like the velcro and polycarbonate idea, that's what I use!

We have polycarbonate face shields that clip on to our hard hats at work. They are about 1.5mm thick and free.

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