Someone posted good results from 17-e after 19-e edelbrock needle change

I'm speaking about the XR650R Edelbrock QS Carb.

At one time someone posted that they tried the 17-e needle that came with the edelbrock QS carb against the recommendation to use the carb out of the box with the 19-e needle and they were claiming better throttle response with the 17-e over 19-e needle. I would like to know how else the bike was set up?

I am happy with my bike but I ran across the extra needles and I have some down time and thought I'd try it out but thought I'd get a range to see if its something I could benifit from or just a waste?

If you are happy with the 17-e over the 19-e needle will you tell me how your bike is set up and your riding conditions?

Thank you


I'll keep searching the past post

For what it's worth, I believe the Quicksilvers are set up for 1500' elevation. Installed one on a XR400 - ran like crap in the California high desert - 3000' elevation. Luckily changing the needle is real easy (other than accessability), leaned it 1 size - the bike ran great. Loosen the intake & manifold clamps, twist the carb and change the needle, see what happens.

XR650L here with stage one cam, ported airbox and big tube header with W/B E series pipe.

16E needle, 3 clicks out from factory location, 1/2 turn out on accelerator pump bypass.

Edelbrock tech support told me the factory setup was for 1500 ft elevation that I may need to go 1 size up in the needle for sea level.

Also said he would send me a stiffer return spring due the throttle hanging up.

Would like to here from others as their setup and mods.

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