What does steering stabilizer do?

I read on another post that the steering stabilizer is a great mod for western states. I'm in Colorado, so what does it do? Is it just like a steering stabilizer on a 4x4 which just limits kickback from the ground?


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It helps to stiffen the steering on your bike. It is adjustable so that you can make your steering really light like stock or stiffen it up when riding through rough stuff like rock, roots, ruts, and so on. The advantage is that helps to prevent a sudden jolt or deflection off of a rock or something from yanking your handle bars out of your hands. From what I've heard it is even beneficial to easter woods riders. In the desert where the guys ride a lot faster it is a major asset. I got one and wouldn't want to be without it. Hope this helps, P

P.S. I have the Scotts which is adjustible on the fly while riding.

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That's exactly what I wanted to know... :)

Thanks! I'll have to look into one.

I've got a gpr and it works great, 1'000 miles in the woods with no trouble.

it's even easier to adujust on the fly!


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Robman, is right. I like my Scotts alot but there are other brands. Shop around and compare. Good luck, P :)

I agree with the other posts.

The GPR is less expensive ($350 vs $430) and appears to be as good or better than the Scotts unit.

Many racers here in the east use them to help when banging trees, and when in high speed ruts.


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