I'm buying a GPS to replace a stolen one and I want a good one!

I'm finally going to buy another GPS after the one was taken when my truck was stolen. My last one was a bluetooth unit with rechargeable battery that was mainly used with Laptop and palm in car while traveling. I want to get a good one with with these points;

1) that can be used alone for navigation streets in truck as well as mounted to BRP for topo and navigation

2) PC connection for laptop mapping software

3) decent battery life and external power for hardwire into vehicle/bike

???4) is bluetooth too much to ask???

I know I have seen many of you that have mentioned using them so I am looking to you for recommendations b/c you would consider durability, weather, and visibility at speeds that online reviews of stationary units in a vehicle would not consider?

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you


Loved my Garmin GPS V, on the Ram Mount , on my XR650R. Ordered the extra 12-volt cigarette Lighter Adapter, cut the wires, and then wired into a 12-volt battery (picked up at Batteries Plus), that I placed under the seat. It worked great, as the batteries on board the unit, will lose connectivity, in rough riding.

My current favorite for offroading is the 60C. They're relatively cheap, have a reasonably fast processor, 54mb of memory, and have a clear, bright, color display. The 60C is tough as hell, like the V. Just hardwire it on the bike, as mentioned in the previous post, batteries won't work for long.

My 60C has survived some pretty spectacular biffs in the most remote places in Mexico, and kept doing the do.

Garmin Rhino 130 24MB of map storage, radio, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

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