How does a dual-sported XR650R compare to XR650L, DR650, KLR 650?

I have my 92 XR600R dual-sported and do about 80/20 trail/roads. The on-road comfort, imho, is not good. I tried an XR650L and found it vibrated much less through the bars and pegs. I'm considering upgrading to an XR650R, mainly to keep the off-road performance. Given the same tires, how would the XR650R compare for road comfort against the XR650L, DR650, or KLR650?

I've never ridden an XR650R but have heard that the motor is smoother than the Xr600r.


I know this is going to sound a little like a $marta$$ but, why buy any of the above bikes for "road comfort" , particularly the 650R ?

The R is twice the motorcycle an L is, but the L will be much more "comfortable" lower compression, softer seat, softer suspension..if that is what you want, 12 year old technology....I know I know, now here we go least I have both and am able to compare them...

one ride on the KLR, XR-L, or DR will tell you all you need to know. street suspension. better mpg, but nothing happens when you twist the throttle compared to a BRP. you've had an XR-R. it's too late. you can't go back.

I went from a dual sported 1999 XR600R to a 2002 XR650R.. The bike is better in every way except comfort.. The 600 was way more comfortable for road use mainly due to a much better seat, I have bought 3 seats for the 650R and have not found anything thats as good as the 600 was.. The 650 is faster and a much better dirt bike than the 600.. I have also owned a KLR, great street bike as far as comfort goes but not much of a dirt bike and down on power compared to the XR650R.. It's a game of compromise.. Depends on what you value most. Comfort, power, dirt or street ability, comfort... I'm not saying the 650R doesn't do it all pretty well, it does, and I'm not planning on selling mine any time soon.. But it is about compromises.. If you want maximum comfort with a little bit of off road capability do a KLR.. Best dirt bike and power with some street thrown in 650R.. Somewhere in between, keep the bike you have..

There is just no need to buy any of those bikes mentioned for street comfort.

Have ridden my XR650L 1,400 miles to Copper Canyon Mexico, ridden KLR's on the street which are comfortable but would get killed trying to corner one

( or from falling asleep on it), the 650R is uncomfortable after 30 minutes unless you are moving around on it..but....the XR650R is so much the better bike than the others... no comparison...

My 650R with it's balanced wheels and road tires and taller gearing is very nice on the road and you can wheelie anytime you like. The motor is smoother than my 97 600R and has much more power. The only thing I had to do was get the tall soft seat foam so could get the comfort back as compared to the sofa seat that was on my 600. The other bikes listed will seem sloooooow in comparison. 650R is the ticket. :applause:

80/20 trail/street, then go for the 650R.

I have a 250R for the dirt, which is still fun for me.

I got a 2006 L as I want to do some considerable road miles, with the ability to keep going after the pavement ends. If I wanted a trail bike that could squeek by legal-wise, I'd have gotten the R.

Short answer, I got the L for some more adventure-touring vs dirt-ability.

End result is you should get what fits YOUR goals, and not what the market or others claim is "better". Once I focused on MY goals, all the new technology on other bikes became pretty irrelevant.

Besides, after a couple or so years in production to get the bugs out, I might just hafta spring for a 600X :applause:

I had a XR650L, NX650, (3) XR600Rs they were all more comfortable but I could never go back and if they build a XR750R with a even less comfy seat than my 650R I will still buy it, because with power I forget about my sore arse.

I happen to really like my L for the street.

I changed the bars (aluminum and filled)

Gel grips

Modifed the pegs

Got rid of the strap on the seat.


It's way smoother then stock and does not put your

hands or feet to sleep. The seat could use work

but I hate the look of a cobin on that bike. I

might break down and get one when nobodys

looking. :applause:

I looked really hard a KLR 650 because it

was setup better for the street. I am glad

I went with the Honda's 12 year old design

Because it is proven itself solid. I did not

care for the extra bull of watercooling

either. Simple simple simple is where it's

at for me.I like watercooling in my boat motors!!

Phuzz is right, the XR650L is stone solid, cannot kill it, simple and your riding habits may just require more road riding, if ya don't like to wrench, want to just get on it and enjoy the ride and the view, the L is a great bike, my L never even burped all the way to and from Copper Canyon. Flawlwess. But, for my own riding habits, which are probably different from yours, I have to have more performance..i.e. speed, handling and HP.

I have my 92 XR600R dual-sported and do about 80/20 trail/roads. The on-road comfort, imho, is not good... I've never ridden an XR650R but have heard that the motor is smoother than the Xr600r.

I had a '92 600R D/S and sold it about a year ago for an '00 650R. Ride about 90/10 dirt/road. I'd say the road comfort is similar. The 650 motor is smoother and buzzes my hands less, but the 600 had a better road seat and had more range per tank of gas. As an all-around dualsport I'd still give the nod to the 650 becuase of the motor, and not by as wide a margin as most others. I really liked that old 600, there's still a lot to be said for it.

I happen to really like my L for the street.

I changed the bars (aluminum and filled)

Gel grips

Modifed the pegs

I have the XR650R and I’m trying to make it more comfy... Can you tell me more about your peg mod, handlebar mods and the gel grips? Thanks!

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