Anodized Questions

Where would you go to get something anodized? I am wanting to get my rims and hubs done. Would I just be better off just buying rims and hubs the color I want?

As far as the hubs go you are better off buying aftermarket, because your stock hubs are cast and wont come out with the glossy polished bling of billet anodized hubs. I work in an anodize shop and have done lots of wheels. most shops are capable of doing a good job if they can polish the wheels after stripping the clear. Try to find a local shop that has done wheels before and expect to pay between $120 and $160 per setDSC00040.jpgDSC00002.jpg Both of these jobs were strip, polish and reanodize the hubs were tallons and the black wheels were fairly new excels while the green were older D.I.D. stockers. Wish I could help you out but shipping is a mess so you would be better of locally.


Thanks for the info, I saw your WR (nice by the way) and that is the color I am looking for, is there a color code for that blue, or are there limited colors to begin with.

Hey Berg, where is your shop located. Me and a few buddies were looking to get some parts done. Thanks.

Hey WR426,

Thanks for the compliment, that blue is very common it's called BLUE 4 from US specialty color or sandoz corp. I run mine a little on the darker side than most shops.

Motone82, I'm in the bay area.


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