Ride Report - Maxxis Desert IT (rear)

Tried one of the new desert IT's on the rear (110/100-18) and now have 170 miles logged. Terrain covered was typical socal desert - decomposed granite, rocky uphills, loose sand, etc. I am very impressed with how this tire has held up so far compared to the Dunlop 739 it replaced. Knobs are slightly rounded on leading edge as would be expected, but no chunking. Hookup is good all around with minimal slithering in the loose stuff. Very good tire for these conditions and reasonably priced. The previous Dunlop wore like cheese and looked like hammered doggy doo after a couple of rides :applause: , and I am not overly aggressive with the throttle. Not to dis Dunlop, as I am a big fan of the 756 for the front, but their 739 compound could stand to be improved. My only complaint about the Maxxis, which isn't reallly fair, is that it is a bi*** to put on - the carcass is stout!

I agree about mounting the Maxxis - but then again any good desert tire is a b____ to install. The thing I really like about the Maxxis is how predictably it slides. Nice and gently, unlike the Dunlop that holds tight then lets go. The Maxxis is a real "flat tracker".

Dunlop has new desert tyres coming out, the 908 rally raid rear tyre and a new front one as well. I can't seem to find any pictures for you but the tread on the new 908 rally raid looks kinda like chevy symbols with out the slanty sides down the center.


If you liked the IT, try a Maxxis 6001 3.25x1-21 front tire. I have used the Maxxis IT rear for three years now and agree with everything you said. I also swore on Dunlop 756 front tires, even after trying other so-called "HT" tires. I tried the 6001 up front this summer and found that it tracks on UT sand, loose rock and decomposed granite way better than the 756. The 6001 is tough to get on too, and don't let the big knobs up front disuade you. It rocks!

I've got about 150 miles on a new rear "desert" IT. Riding it mostly in rocky desert terrain. The knobbies are holding up better than a standard IT, but it doesn't seem as grabby (is that a word?) on the rocky uphills. Seems comparable to a Dunlop 606, but a little better traction and cornering.

I got stuck on a rutted uphill that would have never happened with a regular IT. Tried the uphill twice just to make sure I wasn't imagining things. Based on the performance so far, I'll be switching back to the regular IT. But I have to wear this desert one out first, and that's going to take a while.


The knobbies are holding up better than a standard IT, but it doesn't seem as grabby (is that a word?) on the rocky uphills.

That's the compromise!

Grip for durability. You just gotta find what is happy for you.

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