Stock Springs?

I've put 500 miles on my bike so far and LOVE it. (2001 Canadian WR 426 w/lid removed.) I was just wondering if you guys are running the stock springs? I weigh 220 pounds with all of my gear on. I have not cranked down the nut on the monoshock yet. Any advice would be apreciated.

I weigh the same and I run stock 46's in the front with 7.5 weight oil set at 95. I run 56's(50 is stock) in the rear.

Works great for the woods and the track!

Good Luck!

Mr T

I weigh pretty much the same as you do and I'm still using the stock springs, front and rear on my '99. I recently set the race and free sag on my bike--it made a BIG difference--but I'm just at the end of the adjustment range. Actually, I'm a little over. Race sag is at 108 mm and free sag is 12 mm. Recommended RS is 100 mm and FS is 15-35 mm. This tells me that I need to go up at least one spring rate increment, maybe two. BTW, when I got the spring working properly, (I look at the preload as the adjustment of how much work the spring performs) I adjusted my compression damping front and rear 2 clicks softer. I stiffened the rear rebound damping 2 clicks. These suspension adjustments have completely transformed the handling of my bike. It was very good before, now it's outstanding and I can ride a lot faster with much less fatigue.

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