What should I look for?

I'm going to pick up a 2001 YZ426F this week that is a two owner bike, the guy says he only rode it on trails (not raced) looks clean in the picture and says there isn't anything wrong with it. But besides the obvious stuff like oil leaks are there certain things I should look for that you 426 guys know about, that a guy (not familiar with 426's) might miss.

Let me know, I'll probably go pick it up in the next day or three.


1. Cracks in the plastic at the back of the gas tank (around the mounts).

2. Bent rims (trail riding is easier on the engine, hard on rims).

3. Oil leaks at the oil gallery lines where they go into the head (the manual says to vent after oil change by loosening the gallery bolt. They get stripped).

4. Check under the frame for damage.

5. Look around this forum for the starting technique, it REALLY makes your life simpler.

6. Look for oil seeping out of the frame around the head tube welds. They crack.

Good Luck. I've had a 2001 for about a year. Nice bike. BTW most of this stuff has never happened to me! I just read about them here. This forum is well worth the reading.

Thanks for the insight! I'll keep those things in mind...



Well went and picked it up last night, didn't have any of those problems listed above and also didn't have any others I could find.... other than it was missing one radiator shroud bolt (no big deal) and it looked like it was missing the front sprocket cover but maybe these years didn't have them? Because it did have a case saver..??? Anyways, very clean bike overall, sounded good, ran good, went through all gears just fine, started right up real easy and I wasn't even that familiar with the routine.... also it was kind of cold out when we started it up so that gave me hope.

The only aftermarket parts were the Pro Taper 1-1/8" bars with Acerbis bark busters and an aftermarket high tank, not sure if it's the Acerbis or IMS though... the guy also threw in 2 other rear sprockets, a new 13T front sprocket, an extra oil filter, a bunch of oil, chain lube, extra rear tire with 60 to 70% tread left on it and few other misc items...

Overall, I was extremely impressed, especially considering I only had to withdraw $1,750 from the bank earlier in the day to pick up this beast!

My Christmas present to myself...

So what should be a mandatory first mod?


Thanks for the help so far!


First mods when I get a bike are grip donuts, Seal Savers (skin that goes over your forks, really helps to extend the life of your seals) kickstand, frame guards, and some Plastic Renew from pc racing. If your plastic isnt too bad, plastic renew will make it look brand new, if you have the time to sit in your garage and sand your plastics. I highly recomend it.

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