anyone got a leo vince pipe ?

seems like a good buy if the power is there looking for a quiet pipe ie: Q2 etc $699 full titanium system Hmmm what to do what to do , some help please !!!


thx I really gotta talk to someone who has one cuz I cant ante up without knowing the power gains , lookin for down low power gains specifically and then all over. got all the free mods done and the bike rips but would like a little more !!!

Check the YZ side. TT member FFRacing79 (and Burned as well, I believe) has done dyno testing with this pipe (albeit, not the quiet version) and was very impressed with the pipe. Great power/sound combination and excellent build quality from what I recall. I believe FFRacing79 uses those on this SuperMotord bikes, and as a result, might have some for sale. I got a stock YZF pipe from him, and he was trying to convince me to buy one of his Leo Vince pipes, which was a great deal, but I just wanted a stock YZ pipe at the time. Maybe PM him to see if he still has any slightly used pipes for sale.

thankyou very much for the response !!! Ill check it out !!!

have you owned a LV pipe? or ridden a bike that has one?

Ridden one. I was going to get one, but the cost from the importer was $1600. I couldn't justify the price. I got quoted $1400 for the FMF 4.1 carbon system. My procircuit was $1200.

I have the Leo Vince slip-on on my 05 WR450. It is the best pipe i have ever put on a 4-stroke. It sound awesome, looks great and added a lot of gain. I had it dynoed and will have to find the print out but i think it was like a 5 hp gain.

well that bout does it for me Im done. Full system 699 not too bad for titanium and the workmanship and hardware quality looks killer. If the gains are what you say, gotta git it, besides if it sounds anything like the pipes on my Girl friends ducati (leo Vince) gotta git it

Hey thanks for the imput !!! :applause:

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